Talent Insights

Our Talent Insight

We provide a range of talent insight services that help companies better manage their recruitment strategies.

Giving our clients visibility of competitor job function and employee data allows them to more easily plan for both short term reactive and long-term strategic hires.

Our researchers use a selection of advanced research tools and techniques to ensure they gather accurate up to date information.

Our Managing Director will design a solution that best meets your specific business needs, any of our existing solutions can be customised or we will design a new solution that’s more appropriate.

The following are our three most popular talent insight services, we’ve also helped clients with a range of additional services including Competitor Analysis, Talent Pool Diversity and Company Brand Perception.

Salary Benchmarking

Delivering accurate up to date salary benchmarking campaigns that allow our clients to understand how competitive their remuneration packages are.

Industry Mapping

Partnering with our clients internal resourcing teams to provide them with up to date organisational charts for industry competitors, allowing them to directly approach the widest selection of potentially suitable candidates.

Talent Pipelining

Providing our clients with a pipeline of warm candidates they can choose to meet at any time. This visibility allows our clients to better manage their recruitment strategies as they can plan for both short term reactive and long-term strategic hires.

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