Our Recruitment

We provide executive search, contingent recruitment and talent insight services.

Our recruitment services help companies to restructure, build or maintain high performing, streamlined teams, whereas our talent insight services help companies better manage their recruitment  and retention strategies.

The Managing Director delivers our executive search and talent insight services, together with managing our key account activity. Our Consultants are aligned to a specific job function group nationally and they deliver all contingent recruitment services.

We recruit all experience levels across our specialist job functions managing vacancies from Assistants through to department Heads and Directors.

We can support single or multiple hire campaigns or national transformation programmes.

Contingent Immediate Network

Ideal for those clients who need to fill a vacancy quickly with a candidate who is actively searching for a new opportunity.

We’ll search our database and provide you with the best talent from our immediate network who fit your vacancy requirement.

These candidates will always receive a detailed interview and will always be matched to your vacancy requirements.

Contingent Full Market

This is our most frequently used service. We work tirelessly to identify and qualify the best active and passive talent.

Full market really does mean full market. Once we’ve searched our industry leading database and leveraged our candidate network (many of whom work with us exclusively), we’ll head hunt from agreed target companies.

These candidates also receive a detailed interview that closer reflects our Executive Search service.

Executive Search

This service is essential when candidates are hard to find and need to match a very specific skillset.

As these vacancies are retained and exclusive, we can invest more of our time to find and qualify the best talent.

We invest significant time researching the industry to ensure we have the widest possible talent pool and candidates are then meticulously qualified technically, culturally and against client set competency questions.

A range of psychometric assessments are also included with this service.

Executive Campaign

For those companies who are experiencing significant growth or who are undertaking a department transformation this is an essential service to ensure that your resource plans are achieved within the required timescales.

We invest a lot of time upfront with our clients to understand their business and create a detailed recruitment strategy, we then follow the Executive Search service for each group of roles.

We’ve delivered campaigns from multiple hires on new projects through to large scale department transformations that involved a significant number of hires across different stages.

Where We Specialise

We pinpoint the best talent who work across the following two job function groups:


Category Management

Supply Chain Management

Commercial Management

Quantity Surveying

Bid & Estimating



We provide a range of talent insight services that help companies better manage their recruitment strategies.

Giving our clients visibility of competitor job function and employee data allows them to more easily plan for both short term reactive and long-term strategic hires.

Our researchers use a selection of advanced research tools and techniques to ensure they gather accurate up to date information.

Our Managing Director will design a solution that best meets your specific business needs, any of our existing solutions can be customised or we will design a new solution that’s more appropriate.

The following are our three most popular talent insight services, we’ve also helped clients with a range of additional services including Competitor Analysis, Talent Pool Diversity and Company Brand Perception.


We’ll produce a longlist of potential candidates from targeted job functions and industry competitors, we then consult with our client to agree which candidates to approach and which to avoid.

Once we’ve approached the refined longlist we’ll create a pipeline of interested candidates who are willing to attend interview.

We’ll provide a thorough report on each candidate outlining their career, role duties and salary information together with their next career move expectations, we’ll also provide lots of additional salary data and brand perception feedback from our search.

This visibility allows our clients to better manage their recruitment strategies as they can plan for both short term reactive and long-term strategic hires.


We’ll approach people for their benchmarking feedback who meet agreed job title, location and industry criteria. 

We can benchmark salary and benefits, role duties or department size and reporting hierarchies. Our solutions can also be customised should you require alternative information.

We’ll provide a detailed report summarising our search results, this includes a comparison to our clients current situation so they can see how they compare to the market.

Salary benchmarking is our most popular service which will detail upper quartile, lower quartile, and mean salaries together with benefit details for each of the agreed job titles and locations.

This market intelligence allows our clients to understand how competitive they are and how to adapt their recruitment and retention strategies.

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